Library Tips #9 and #10

Library Tip #9

When you are putting together those references for your paper’s bibliography/works cited page and you get confused, tied up, or just want them checked for accuracy, the library could have all of the answers for you. Not only are they up to date with the latest MLA, APA, and other style guides, there are English enthusiasts who work in the library! Ask the reference librarian for directions to the writing tutors or a style guide, and they will get you to a writing tutor or fir you with the correct reference material you will need to put together your assignment.

Bonus Tip: When you are reading books that you are thinking about using as references, write down all of the information you will need before returning it or placing quotations. Check out Purdue Owl for the information you need if you are working from home. They also have up to date style guides for in text citations, works cited pages, and document formatting. I would suggest picking up a hard copy for yourself, but they are updated every few years. It is easier to see what recent materials are available at your library or on Purdue Owl.

“The only thing you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

Albert Einstein

Library Tip #10

When you have gotten the hang of how to use the databases, catalog, and stacks, spend some time with all of them on your own time (especially during upperclass years). Look for things you are interested in that relate to your scholastic interests in some way. I’m a poet who checked out books about related fields like graphic design, art history, and language theory to boost my understanding of language as a medium and as an aspect of a myriad creative history.

I also checked out books on topics that interested me like culture, science, and religion, sometimes reading them for only 10 minutes before taking out school books. That extra time I took to explore my curiosity during collegiate work gave me a fulfilling exploration of ideas that inevitably added to what I learned about my field and my self.   

Use the library for all it is worth!  


Author: poeticallyatlarge

I am a writer, a bookworm, and a poet at large.

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