GRE Done: What’s Next

I took the GRE yesterday! As a result, I haven’t been working on a lengthy post for Student Portal. Two more library tips to round it off to a metrical group coming up and I am going to offer advice about taking the GRE followed by a series about writing an essay.

As you might have understood with mention of the GRE, I will be applying to graduate programs in the coming month(s). Trouble is, I need an essay.

In my creative writing masters program, my essays looked more like muggle renditions of a magical newspaper, with text boxes turned upside down, sideways and in reverse, so I am in need of an example essay that shows my academic side.

With about 14 pages of rough notes, paragraph drafts, and a couple useful quotes, a bunch of resources, and the GRE out of the way, today I will set out to write a complete draft. The first real draft is going to involve a lot of reading and rereading PDFs I printed during my masters along with library books, taking notes, making lengthy observations and writing out ideas, and managing to build a working thesis from what I can get running under its own power. That is a lot of -ings, so I’m goi… so I am on my way to complete the collegiate tasks set before me!

Before any of that, I had to rearrange my desk. Keeping an effective study/work space takes time to figure out. As a creative thinker (and writer), it is only natural to rearrange as much as possible before beginning a new curiosity voyage.

During graduate school I used an old drafting table to work, and I was able to stand at it for hours at a time by the end. Lately, my back has been hurting after sitting at my desk for long periods of time. I can’t help but slouch before lunch and dinner, especially. Standing keeps my posture in line, though.

I am lucky enough to have picked up this desk that has a chest level shelf that a keyboard fits right into. It is a bit thrown together, as it was not intended to be a desk one stands at (such behavior was not advertised, anyway), but it works for me. As I write this I am doing a sort tree pose slash leaning onto the desk top posture. It is pretty comfortable, to be honest. 🙂

New Desk Arrangement
It feels good to stand and work. Plus, my cat can nap next to me while I do (hence the blanket).



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I am a writer, a bookworm, and a poet at large.

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