Library Tips #7 and #8: Quiet Space

Library Tip #7

Find your library’s quiet space. Maybe it is a particular floor in the main building, or a less populated library (on larger campuses). Maybe it is a single desk in a certain corner of a quiet floor. Where ever it is, find it. Having that space to use (so long as no one else finds it) can make all the work of finding sources, taking notes, and writing an assignment seem like a breeze.


Library Tip #8

University and Public libraries are really not the same at all. If you are looking for academic publications for an assignment, the University will be always be the best place to look. Public libraries typically have more lifestyle, general interest, and area archival information than they do the latest research in molecular physics.

While you will find more DVDs of your favorite movies and tv series in a public library, don’t count on it for much more than a place to do your homework or some light reading.

Public libraries, depending on the size of their cities, can be very quiet places to work during the day. Typically, the only people in a public library on the weekdays are retirees, people who work from home, parents of young children, or the occasional college student. In my opinion, there are a lot less distractions in a public, rather than collegiate, space. Maybe your local public library will become your quiet space!


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