Library Tip #6

If you are reading these because you are preparing for your final essay or project, then this piece of advice is very important (even though it is more passive advice on my part).

A lot of University libraries have Writing Centers. I worked for one as a graduate assistant, tutoring undergraduates and graduate students and giving lessons about grammar and formatting essays.

Find your University’s Writing/Tutoring Center

Look around your school’s website for a Writing Center, or tutoring service, and make an appointment. University sponsored centers will be free, but your school might give you a link to a paid service.

This is one of those things that every student should do, really. Even great papers have a comma or two that could be corrected, and if you are totally lost, don’t even know where to begin, then tutors are happy to help brainstorm and get the ball rolling. This is also a great place for ESL students to get some help.

If you are unfamiliar with workshopping a piece of writing, it is a bit like going to the dentist: it kind of hurts but in the end you feel much better about your situation. Really, though, you will get some compliments and some constructive criticism that can help you do your best. 

Be sure to make an appointment

Especially at busy points in the semester (around midterms and finals), there are limited tutors and there is limited time.


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