Library Tip #3

Ask your campus’ reference librarian about topic specific databases your University subscribes to. Tell them your major and ask how to find the best search results for a particular assignment or class.

There might be a workshop offered by your library that you can sign up for to learn about databases and the library’s catalog.

I found out that it is important to ask about using databases after using them a lot during my junior and senior years. Also, when I got to graduate school because my undergraduate library website’s search had a shortcut criteria where replacing suffixes (-ed, -ing, and so on) with an asterisk would have the search look for all of the versions of the word’s different endings. So, entering educat* would find you results that included educate, educated, educating, and education. Not all searches do this, which took me a few bogus results to figure out when I least needed bogus search results. 

There should be tricks and shortcuts you can learn from your librarian by asking how to use research databases. It won’ take long to ask, get the information you need, and be on the way to getting your assignment done!


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I am a writer, a bookworm, and a poet at large.

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