Time Management in College

With so much going on in college it can be difficult to make time for everything. From attending class, to the homework and projects, to friends, and visiting family, it can be really rough figuring out how to fit everything.

First off, keep your head on your shoulders. When everything starts to get really stressful you’ll find the way out if you keep a level head. Things will work out eventually. They will, trust me.

Don’t lose your head over one assignment—If it isn’t going well, you might end up struggling for hours with no real progress. Move on to something else and come back to it later.

Keep a schedule. Here are some things that have worked for me in college, graduate school, and even now while I work and figure out if more school is right for me:

  1. Use a calendar—Enter in those important project due dates, test days, and even your class schedule. Over time you will figure out your classes, despite the semesterly change, and some types of assignments will have a regular pattern. But setting reminders (I usually do a week in advance) for homework and projects will help keep you on track and out of the last minute, all nighter stress fest.
  2. While I keep dates locked in my calendar, I also use a dry-erase board to keep my focus on daily and weekly tasks. I use Post-it notes for the same kind of stuff, and
    Only one thing finished so far today…

    sometimes both together. I find that an obvious display of what’s upcoming makes it easier to stay focused. Plus, it feels really good to erase things I’ve finished.

  3. I’m also a big fan of keeping my things organized. You’ll need your syllabi to find out requirements for final projects, essays, and other assignments that come up, so be sure you have them readily available. Don’t waste hours trying to find them or get the information from someone else in the class.
For me, keeping my study space neat is a part of keeping my work efficient.


A really big part of managing time in college is setting aside dedicated study time. Make sure you have a place to work and the time to get your things done. For me, the most common time was in between classes and late morning to late afternoon on days when I didn’t have class. Keep in mind, those were just dedicated times: college takes a lot of work and I would end up reading late at night, revising early in the morning, and spending weekends preparing for presentations. Having time set aside to study, though, had me prepared enough to get through school with relative ease.

If you set aside time to keep up with your work, you make sure you are aware of important dates (not just the day before), and keep your work organized, you should be able to get through the semester with no time management problems.

Oh! and don’t forget the coffee! haha


I’m also curious to hear what you do to manage time—I’m always looking for ways to improve!


Author: poeticallyatlarge

I am a writer, a bookworm, and a poet at large.

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